FAQ: From Flores To Caye Caulker?

How do I get to Caulker Caye?

The Belize City Caye Caulker ferry route connects Belize with Belize. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Ocean Ferry Belize. The crossing operates up to 35 times each week with sailing durations from around 45 minutes.

Which is better Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker?

Ambergris Caye is generally a tad more expensive than Caye Caulker, which caters to a more backpacker crowd. While this is fine if your trip to Belize is a splurge or for a special occasion, if you’re looking to save money this is not the island for you. However, if you do want luxury — definitely pick Ambergris Caye!

Is Caye Caulker expensive?

Caye Caulker can make it an expensive place to be if you do a lot of tours and activities. But, if you’re just chilling on the beach and staying in a dorm, you won’t spend a ton of money.

How do I get from Cancun to Caye Caulker?

You would need to take the ADO bus to Chetumal (5 hours – about us$30 per person), a taxi to the market in Chetumal (us$5 per taxi) to take the bus to Belize City (us$15 per person). Once in Belize City you need a taxi (us$5 per taxi) to the docs and the boat to Caye Caulker or San Pedro (us$15/20 per person).

Is Caye Caulker safe?

Crime Rates are High

Yes, crime rates are that high in Caye Caulker. This isn’t the safest place to vacation, so keeping someone with you at all times is a good suggestion to follow.

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Is Chetumal safe?

Chetumal is relatively safe, but like any other city, use common sense and always be mindful of your surroundings. It’s easy to navigate the downtown area by foot, but there are plenty of taxis available. At night, you may find it a bit harder to grab a cab depending on where you are.

Does Caye Caulker have a beach?

Caye Caulker

The beaches here are laid-back, and most people head to the spot in front of their hotel for a day of chilling in a hammock or snorkeling on the reef just offshore. Inland from the beach, you’ll find adventure opportunities including cave tubing.

How long is the water taxi from Belize City to Caye Caulker?

This water taxi is $18 one-way or you can pay $28 for a round-trip ticket. The water taxi ride will take about 45 minutes.

Which Caye to stay in Belize?

1. Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest island and the most popular place to go in Belize. San Pedro is the name of the town on the Caye and it has a lively downtown scene with lots of restaurants and beach bars.

Can you swim in Caye Caulker?

The main activities on Caye Caulker itself are strolling up and down the sand streets, and swimming and sunbathing off the docks. The most popular spot is at the north end of the island by the Split. Take care when swimming off the docks here. The split is an active channel with regular boat traffic.

Are there crocodiles in Caye Caulker?

The only things missing from the mangrove were the crocodiles. Instead, we were looking for crocodiles on the northern part of Caye Caulker. Caye Caulker is one of the tourists’ favourites in Belize.

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Is the water safe to drink in Caye Caulker?

Note that the tap water is unfit to drink; rainwater and bottled water are widely available. Many bars offer a happy hour from 3–7pm, with local spirits being the least expensive option.

How do I get from Cancun to Belize?

ADO Bus Lines has daily Express bus service from Cancun to Belize City. The bus departs the Cancun Bus terminal at 10:15pm, and drives south along the Yucatan with one stop at Playa Del Carmen and then into Belize City for 9:00am at the Novello’s Bus Depot.

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